About Purebred Pitbull Spot

Purebred Pitbull Spot is so much different than any other website you will ever visit online. We have our own home with most of our products that are specifically manufactured for our dogs that you can’t buy anywhere else. The main focus point of our breeding program is to create a perfect build family friendly pitbull that is trained specifically for our clients needs. We keep the whole buying process very simple for you and your family but most off all we are the most professional people you will ever buy a dog from and far as customer service and pricing is concerned. We started Purebred Pitbull Spot out of pure love for the pitbull breed. We first started with the breed back in 1998 and over the years seen the biggest need that no one else was providing was a well trained pitbull with the tools and knowledge from the breeder on how to properly train, handle and most of all keep you and your family safe.

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About The American Pitbull Breed

Here our desire is to produce american pitbull terriers that not only have the size and wow factor, but also have correct confirmation and can win in the show ring. We breed for correctness on both the front and rear ends. We strive for pitbull terriers that maintain just the right weight and skin tone. No sloppy saggy lips and skin. We refuse to keep our pitbulls at heavy weights just to tip the scales. Our American pitbull terriers here are kept in athletic weight, not too thin, not too heavy, just right. We breed for perfect toe angle and perfect teeth. We strive for noses that are just the right size and heads that are just the right width. We do not want our pitbulls to be extremely tall nor have backs that are too long, but look proportional to their frame. We breed for attitude befitting an active family. Not too lazy, not too hyper, right in between. The bully, pitbulls that will play ball, hike, run marathons, but also that naps, relax and lounge around with the family. We had the exact image of the American pitbull terrier we hoped to produce in our minds, and with several years of trial and error we finally raised the perfect match and have been improving our breed standard since then.